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Frozen Tabs on the Library Home Page?

Posted on August 15, 2013 @4:33 pm by madgett

broken_partsAs you have noticed, the look of the Library Home page has changed. This is the new University-wide “Common Look & Feel” initiative.

Unfortunately, it seems that the tabs on the Home age freeze up for first-time visitors. We have found that clearing the cache & cookies from the browser and re-loading the page fixes this.

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RefWorks: Changes to Some Log-in Names

Posted on July 30, 2013 @11:30 am by madgett

newsYou may have received an email from RefWorks recently explaining why some log-in names have been changed. Here is what we received:

We’re changing the log in process to eliminate the need for users to supply a Group Code during login – a feature many of our users have asked for. This means that every user must have a unique log-in name, such as their email address.

So, what they did was basically change log-in names that were duplicated by other users. How did it work? Well, here is an example RefWorks included in an email:

  • Let’s say you have an account named ellen. However, there are two people at other schools in Canada who also have accounts named ellen. Whichever ellen has been accessed the most recently or most frequently will get to keep the name.
  • The next most recently/frequently used ellen will have the login name changed to the e-mail address associated on the account. (ex. ellen.jones@uofu.ca )
  • Any subsequent accounts named ellen will get prefixed with a unique number identifier. (ex. 1234_ellen )

Make sense? If you are still confused, you can get more information from RefWorks at  refworks.support@scholarsportal.info  or you can get some home-grown help from the UBC Library RefWorks page.


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Canadian Advertising Rates & Data (CARD) : Access Down

Posted on July 23, 2013 @9:38 am by madgett

broken_partsAccess to CARD is unavailable at the moment. This is more a licensing problem than a technical problem, and we are working to sort the problem out ASAP.

Stay Tuned!

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Access to Online Resources DOWN!

Posted on July 11, 2013 @4:23 pm by madgett



Yikes! All access to Online Resources seems to be down this morning. This is both on and off campus. We believe it to be an EZproxy problem and are working on it.

Stay Tuned!

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Several New Resources: something for EVERYONE!

Posted on June 25, 2013 @4:23 pm by madgett

fireworksWe have recently added several new Databases and eBook collections. As well, we have topped up some ejournal collections. Here are the highlights:

  1. Harvard University Press ebooks – a collection of almost 400 ebooks for 2011, 2012 & 2013 focusing on arts, history and the social sciences
  2. SAGE ejournal Upgrade – 20 SAGE archive titles, such as the Canadian journal of occupational therapy and Pacifica
  3. Oxford ejournal Archive Update – a top-up to our strong Oxford Archive collection, added titles include American Historical Review and Journal of analytical toxicology
  4. Informa Healthcare Archive – over 200 healthcare and medical ejournals covering historical articles in titles such as CANCER INVESTIGATION and XENOBIOTICA
  5. SAGE Encyclopedias 2012/2013 Collections – a growing collections of reference works from SAGE Knowledge
  6. National Geographic Archive – access to both National Geographic Magazine (1888 – 1959) and National Geographic (1959 – 1994)
  7. International Historical Statistics Online – Statistical data from around the world covering 1750 to 2010

Still to come:

  1. Several Adam Matthews collections (such as First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment)
  2. University Press Scholarship Online – a growing collection of ebooks from Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Hong Kong University Press and University of Chicago Press


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Factiva Access Restored

Posted on June 25, 2013 @11:22 am by corinne2



Access to Factiva has been restored.  Please remember to log out as we are limited to 6 consecutive users.


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e-Therapeutics: Weekend Problem Solved

Posted on June 17, 2013 @9:45 am by madgett

Now-Playinge-Therapeutics had an access problem this weekend. It has been resolved. Before attempting to link to the online resource (especially if you tried and failed on the weekend), please do the following:

clear the cache & cookies from your browser

go to our e-Therapeutics Resource page and click on the “Connect to Resource” button

You will then (if you are off campus) log in through EZproxy.

Please use our Help Form if problems persist.

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Harvard eBooks Now Available!

Posted on June 11, 2013 @11:49 am by madgett

HarvardOver 400 Harvard University Press ebooks (almost all from 2011, 2012 or 2013) are now available via De Gruyter. In a few weeks, you should be able to find these titles within  Summon and the UBC Library Catalogue.

For now, feel free to browse the Harvard Titles here. NOTE: Some titles are not yet published and are marked as slated to be published later this year.

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RefWorks: Problem Adding Wiley Citations

Posted on June 4, 2013 @2:02 pm by madgett

WileyThe Wiley Online Library is experiencing problems exporting citations to RefWorks. To get around this, please try the following:


*In Wiley Online Library:*

  • 1. Perform your search.
  • 2. Click the boxes beside the references you wish to export.
  • 3. Select *Export Citation* at the top of the search results.
  • 4. A new window will open. Using the drop-down menu beside Format, select *Plain Text* and select whether you would like just the Citation or the Citation & Abstract beside Export Type.
  • 5. Click *Submit*.
  • 6. A new window will open prompting you to save the file to your computer.

*In your RefWorks account:*

  • 1. Go to *References ? Import*.
  • 2. Select *RIS Format* as your Import Filter/Data Source and *Multiple Databases* as your Database.
  • 3. Click *Browse*.
  • 4. Find the .txt file you saved to your computer in Step 6 above and upload it.
  • 5. Click *Import* to import your references into RefWorks.




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ScienceDirect PDFs: Problem with Off-Campus Access

Posted on June 4, 2013 @11:20 am by madgett

ScienceDirect**UPDATE**Problem Solved. Please clear the cache & cookies from your browser and try the PDF icon at the article level. It should pop-up into a .pdf document now.

For people off campus accessing PDFs of articles from journals on ScienceDirect, you can access the HTML version no problem through EZproxy, but clicking on the PDF icon brings a pop-up window asking for a log-in.

To get past this problem, you can right-click on the PDF and have it open in a new tab.

We are working to solve this problem.

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