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The UBC Preservation Unit was established by the UBC Library in January 2011, and was integrated into the Technical Services Department in June 2012.


The mission of the Preservation Unit is to develop a first-class preservation infrastructure within the UBC Library.


The Preservation Unit is committed to working with all branches of the UBC Library in the care, repair and storage of physical collections.

  • Develops and implements policies and procedures to maintain and improve the condition of physical collections
  • Conducts environmental monitoring and sets climate control limits for collections
  • Develops a disaster plan and recovery procedures for physical collections
  • Assess the collections to identify specific needs and develop a plan for proper care
  • Contributes to exhibition preparation
  • Performs conservation treatments
  • Performs repair and maintenance of the circulating collection, including cleaning and housing projects
  • Acts as the intermediary for offsite bookbinding
  • Training, education and outreach for UBC faculty, staff and students on the preservation and correct manipulation of Library resources
  • Supports the Digital Initiatives office, which is responsible for digital preservation
Head of Collection Services
Moon Kim (604) 822-3271 (email Moon)
Preservation Librarian Rudi Traichel (604) 822-3083 (email Rudi)
Conservator Anne Lama (604) 822-3441 (email Anne)
Assistant Conservator
Hannah McKendry (604) 822-6970 (email Hannah)


Emergency Response Steps:

  1. Remain Calm
  2. Human Safety Comes First
  3. For events involving fire, earthquake, hazardous materials, and threats to personal safety follow all instructions in the UBC Emergency Procedures Red Flip Guide
  4. Notify Building Operations Service Centre Trouble Calls, 604-822-2173
  5. Call Alicia Munro at Library Facilities, 604-822-5521
  6. If safe to do so, begin securing the area and remove or protect Library materials that may be affected
  7. Call  Anne Lama at 604-822-3441
  8. When emergency is controlled, please fill out the online Preservation Incident Form


Collections Disaster Recovery Manual

The UBC Library Collections Disaster Recovery Manual aims to minimize collection loss in the event of a disaster by outlining the steps to be taken in the recovery of library materials. This manual is to be used for collection materials. For information regarding human safety in the event of a disaster please consult UBC Emergency Management. For events involving fire, earthquake, hazardous materials, and threats to personal safety follow all instructions in the UBC Emergency Procedures Red Flip Guide.

Collections_Disaster_Recovery_Manual_December 2015

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Collection Triage List Template

The Collection Triage List is a list of the materials that should receive priority within a given Library unit after a collections disaster. Each branch or unit should fill out a Collection Triage List and keep a hard copy with their printout of the Collections Disaster Recovery Manual. Include a floor plan of your branch with each priority’s location clearly marked.

Here’s an example of a Collection Triage List for a made-up Library branch to give you an idea of what this should look like: Example Collection Triage List

Collection Triage List Template

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Water Incident Response & Collections Recovery Procedures

The most common type of disaster will come in the form of water. Most disasters have a water component that has the potential to affect Library collections. The UBC Library Water Incident Response & Collections Recovery Procedures provide an overview of the steps that need to be taken to minimize collection loss in the event of a water incident. All of this information can also be found in the Collections_Disaster_Recovery_Manual_December 2015

UBC Library Water Incident Response & Collections Recovery Procedures

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Can you give me some basic collection care recommendations?
It’s inevitable that, with time, books and other information resources, will decay. However, there are some basic steps we can take to help extend a collection’s life, including proper shelving, handling, food and beverage control, pest management, and a prompt response to water damage. The UBC Library Collections Care PowerPoint will guide you through the basic recommendations.

Can the Preservation Unit repair my family heirloom?

For now, the Preservation Unit can only work on items that are in the care of UBC.

Can the Preservation Unit recommend a private local bookbinder or conservator to restore the item?

There are only a few binderies in the Lower Mainland and they may be found by searching online or in the phone book for “bookbinders”, “book conservation”, or “book restoration”. Different binderies sometimes specialize in different areas. It would be best to contact binderies directly to discuss your item’s needs, obtain a quote, and see examples of past work.

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