Some current and recent projects in the Technical Services Department

Data warehouse

Technical Services has contracted with Swets to provide us with 4 years of retrospective eResource usage data (2004 – 2007). That data will be able to be loaded up into a data repository to make it available to Library staff. This project connects with the Assessment Working Group’s plan for the coming 1 – 2 […]

Database walk

In November 2007, UBC Library sent a single DVD containing more than four million bibliographic records to Backstage Library Works. The company used a series of automated programs to resolve conflicts over name headings and series titles, update subject headings, and eliminate obsolete codes and fields. Reloading of the sparkling new data began in early […]

Implementation of Primo

Technical Services staff are involved with the implementation of Primo, the Ex Libris next-generation discovery and delivery tool that helps expose local and remote reources to our users. It functions as a federated search, discovery and delivery tool that will sit on top of our many content silos [catalogue, Metalib database quick sets, eLinks, cIRcle, […]

Implementation of Verde

Technical Services staff are also involved with the implementation of Verde, an electronic resources management tool. Verde is a centralized repository which will allow us to specify and manage workflows related to several of our e-resources.

Law re-class project

This ongoing project involves work in the Law Library to reclassify materials from the Moys Classification Scheme to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. The Law Stacks location is complete; a major milestone. Now work is being done on the Law Statutes location.

LPC storage project

This project involves inventorying all materials stored in the basement of LPC. There are materials there from HSSD, Asian Library, Education and other branches. The project involves having to repair dummy barcodes, ensuring that materials are indeed duplicates of branch items and not our only copy. Compiling lists of materials which have never been entered […]

Metadata analysis project for cIRcle

This short term project involves analyzing metadata entered into cIRcle by non-library staff and determining what, if any consistent problems are apparent. Once the problems are identified materials will be prepared so that metadata creators have a help guide to refer to.

Table of contents project

The Library puchased full table of contents data for approximately 120,000 of our English language books. Then began the delicate task of inserting the appropriate tables of contents into the correct Voyager records in our catalogue. The task is now complete, the records are re-indexed, and we have in our catalogue all the tables of […]

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